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First Class Intruder Alarms Products.

Securing your home with an intruder alarm system uses only the highest quality equipment and, like for like, won’t be beaten on price; we show all costs up-front so that you know at the outset how much it will be.  We have been installing alarms for over 15 years and are fair and ethical in all our dealings.  We also deliver an excellent after-sales service.

You may worry that having a burglar alarm installed will be intrusive.  We genuinely respect the fact that we will be working in your home and take care to carry out the installation with the minimum disruption and inconvenience, and always clear up afterwards.

Our own qualified technicians are trained to install the system as sympathetically as possible, and concealing the wires is our particular specialism.

Reasons for installing a burglar alarm in your home

UK statistics for 2011 show that burglars strike every 40 seconds and 44% of these take place during the hours of daylight but, more worryingly, 57% of the time there is someone at home during the robbery.  It seems families with children are the most likely victims.

The average claim for a domestic burglary in 2011 was £1,504 (Source: The Telegraph – 26/03/12) and almost one million homes were burgled in 2011 (Source: BBC1, ‘Neighbourhood Blues’ – 23/11/12).  But, what’s impossible to quantify is the emotional cost of a break-in which can be devastating.

It’s a well known fact that burglars who target residential properties avoid houses with burglar alarms altogether (Source: The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) ‘Domestic alarms market research survey’).

It’s also well known that burglars often re-visit a property they’ve already successfully attacked.  Surely, it’s better to be proactive and fit a burglar alarm to prevent a break-in, rather than reactive and fit one having been burgled?

Most insurance companies will offer a reduced premium for properties that have a professionally fitted burglar alarms. operates throughout the South including Essex, Kent and London.

Our wireless security system package includes:

  • A voice prompting control panel connected to the mains
  • Two PIR movement sensors
  • A door contact
  • Two keytags (for optional contactless setting/unsetting)
  • An external sounder
  • It’s yours – you own the equipment outright
  • It comes with a 12 month warranty and maintenance
  • It’s installed and regularly maintained by experts

No wires – no strings!

Don’t be seduced by adverts offering you an alarm for as little as £99.  Read the small print; you’ll find you are stitching yourself into long-running expenses and possibly won’t even own the system at the end of the contract

With our Protector system you get the whole package for £699, including VAT.  There are NO other charges (unless you require monitoring), NO monthly rental, NO callout charges, NO labour charges and NO equipment costs for 12 months.